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The Kittens Magical Summer At Royal Manor (The Royal Manor Series Book 3) eBook: M E Norman Latus, Momen Adas: Kindle Store.
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I had no idea of all the details and decisions that go into to this. She must travel to a new realm with her father, Aunt Fran, and Cory to the kingdom of Ladorielle, its territories, and Dragonscale Island to meet the friends and family that will help her transition and introduce her to her heritage. Deadly birds, gremlins, shape shifters, dragons and vampires surface as Wynter and her family travel through these mystical kingdoms, learning who is friend, and who is foe. Wynter struggles to understand what these new worlds hold, and what her role is to be to keep them united and conflict free.

Her coming of age frustration consumes her at times, with bits and pieces of memories from long ago slowly emerging. Will she be able to handle and accept them before her fury destroys everyone and everything in her path? A war is coming to these mythical kingdoms. As Wynter transitions to her rightful role, will she be ready to accept her destiny and fight those who are determined to destroy it?

Blood and pride in heritage run deep on these rocky grounds, unleashing a fierce sense of duty and preservation for each of their clans. The king has issued a harsh, blood-tinted decree—a fight between the clans to claim the Glen, whoever has the most men standing in the end takes possession. Tensions run high as the bitter day approaches—life on these cherished grounds will never be the same. Catriona MacDonald—sister of her clan chieftain, with a strong-willed mind of her own, cherishes the glen and its legacy.

She defiantly walks all the grounds of the glen, leading her into the path of rival chieftain James Cameron. Sparks fly when they meet, igniting a smoldering passion that grows over time, consuming both of them. Will their rival clan heritage and centuries of feuding extinguish their desires? As the epic battle begins, hearts grow heavy, mourning for the destruction that will come.

Spirits of the glen bring their magic to strengthen the ones in this life they hold dearest—but will it be enough to avert tragedy? We want a bigger cat bed, Maw! Have you scoped out the theaters yet to make your red carpet debut? Can you say, swoon?! What a long weekend—Labor Day, the churning of monster storm Dorian, and changing of the guard as we leave August and the fineries of summer, and welcome September with the colors of autumn. Speaking of whimsy…. While we were in Las Vegas we went to the Bellagio hotel on the strip to see their fabulous conservatory exhibits.

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Kirsty Wilde is about to embark on a journey that will change her life. A deathbed confession by her mother leaves her numb and filled with questions. She finds out that Rick, a cruel, violent criminal who made life with him unbearable, is not her father. She longs to get away from her old life before he gets out of jail and start fresh. David Atherton gets the shock of his life when a package is delivered to his office. As he reads the note enclosed, he finds that he has a daughter he has never known of, by a woman he once loved in his past. Kirsty Wilde waits in heartbreaking turmoil for a response—she longs to meet David and learn of a relationship she never knew of—but will he want to meet her?

David is kind and tries to form a relationship with Kirsty, but is it too late to forge a bond with a daughter he never knew? Family drama, tragedy, romance and a strange twist of events culminates in a violent showdown. Will the secrets of the past and a man bent on cruelty bring everything crashing down? This is a bittersweet tale of a family in flux, and the spirit of hope that may unite them.

Just as I love everything British, I am also a Francophile, loving all things French, and especially the city of Paris. I traveled to The City of Lights the first time when I was 49 years old, and the city absolutely stole my heart. There are AF chapters in cities around the world—check out the ones near you:.

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This is a gorgeous home community with beautiful landscaping, great walking areas, and mesa views that take your breath away. Take some time to drive around the desert sites and take in the views. This is one bet where you will be a winner! WritersTips 1: Remember the old adage, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?

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WritersTips 2: Are you thinking of a Holiday book release? Check out the BookBaby post and tips here:. Making your own Christmas miracle — a book publishing timeline for holiday sales. They give the covers a pop of fun—and Morgan was right, they do attract more interest in my tweets and posts.

Check out her services here:. Time is running out for Sarah and her medical colleagues as they make the decision to flee to safer ground, but are soon overwhelmed by the zombie alphas that are wreaking havoc on the city. As they run and hide in the streets of San Francisco to try and get away from the flesh eating killers—they soon realize the odds are not in their favor.

Is anyplace safe in this new world order? As her battle to survive continues, she experiences the loss of friends, and the wrath of the flesh eating swarms. A brutal encounter provides her a temporary safe haven, but she soon finds the cruel militia leaders are only out to save themselves. Have decency and civility been eliminated? Human conflict and zombie aggression make living in these times a survival of the fittest. Sarah escapes to continue her quest to find her niece, but is it a loss cause?

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